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Hey guys I’m sure this has already been around the block but I don’t have time to check and want to make sure yall have seen it. until 12am CST so only a few hours left


Logan with his new gift 

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tumbler doesn’t even look like a real word anymore

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to end all other OTP’s

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Poor Carol. I feel like she has to deal with this shit way more than she should.

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I like coming back to Tumblr after being gone for a whole.

It’s like coming back to Narnia. Everything has changed so much so fast.

“I was never the clown at school, I had some really rebellious classmates when I was at school. I’ve always been quite internally rebellious. I think everybody at school thought I was going to become a teacher; it was a massive misjudgment of my character. Which maybe reflects that I never played all my cards, I kept them close to my chest. I guess that is somehow like Loki in some way. There is a distance. He is watching everything all the time from a distance. I guess I’m a bit like that.” Tom Hiddleston

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Aaahhhhh #btr #loganhenderson #kendallschmidt (Taken with Instagram)


The only pic I’ll bother you with from my 21st. Literally my drunkest moment of the night.

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